Apollo Floor Sanding and Polishing Service


Apollo Floor Sanding has worked on a variety of jobs across Sydney. Whether for the home or business Apollo Floor Sanding will give you the results that you’re after for a competitive quote.

To Whom it May Concern,

We were renovating our old home for sale. My husband decided that he’d see if he could have a go at sanding the floor boards. So he rented a sander and spent hours destroying the flooring in the front room. I wanted to scream but when I saw how exhausted he was from doing it I decided it would be better if I left it. I had heard about Apollo Floor Sanding from a friend who had used them before. So I gave them a call. I spoke to Jamie from Apollo over the phone and he said that he’d come and have a look. Because the real estate agents had booked a date for a photographer to come everything needed to be looking great. Jamie came around, saw the problem and gave us a few options of how we could fix the floors. I was surprised how flexible they Apollo Floor Sanding were. Jamie and the boys from Apollo were able to sand the entire ground level whilst also fixing up the front room. Even the real estate agents commented on how good the finish was. It is very fair to say that we would have never had the floors looking so good without the help of Apollo Floor Sanding. But, don’t tell my husband that.

- Julie from Turramurra

To enquiry about services Apollo Floor Sanding offer or to speak to one of our staff call now on, 1300 097 192.